In an effort to provide the best experience, we have provided a list of our most frequently asked questions. Of course, if you have any specific questions not answered here feel free to contact us. 

“My dealer says nobody can convert documents from the system that I have. Are you sure you can do it?”

We can convert documents from almost any system. We will be happy to demonstrate that we can convert your documents. Remember: keeping an outdated system is never worth it.

“How do you price your conversion services?”

We price each project based on the amount of work the particular conversion requires. Please fill out our contact form to get the discussion started. The two factors having the most significant influence on pricing are:

  • The specific document management product in use
  • The number of gigabytes or terabytes that the stored documents are using
“How long will it take to convert my system?”

A typical small- to medium-sized project takes four to six weeks from start to completion. Proper planning can get your migration done even quicker.

“How will I know that you converted all of my documents?”

We perform every step of our document migration process in custom programs. All results are logged into a database. At any time, we can provide statistics such as percent complete, number of errors, and estimated completion date. We can also audit the project by comparing the documents in the source system and those in the replacement system.


“Do you sell your software?”

Our primary focus is providing conversion services. We are open to discussions, but our tools are intended for our use and not generally for sale.

“Do you sell—or can you recommend—any document management software?”

We do not sell any document management software. Many document management software dealers are our valued clients. We do not want to compete. For the same reason, we do not recommend any particular product.

“We simply need to extract our documents from our current system. We will not be loading them into a new document management system. Can you help us?”

Yes. We can deliver your converted documents as a set of files and Windows folders. They’re named so you can locate them by their original filing values. Please note that this type of document storage has many shortcomings. It is not a substitute for a quality document management system.