Get a seamless conversion, no matter how complex your FileNet system is or how many documents or document classes you have.


Document Logistics has a long history of working with FileNet systems. We’ve even built our own tools to convert the contents of your FileNet system. Our conversation system reads directly from your MSAR files. It runs fast—typically converting between 500,000 and one million documents per day. You’ll be fully vested in your new system sooner. Depending on your needs and processes, we can run the conversion in your office, or you can send your MSARs to our production facility for processing.

Got a big system? We’ve done FileNet systems as large as 4 terabytes. Document Logistics understands specific FileNet nuances and its MSAR and optical formats, as well as its Permanent database and Doctaba. We can convert almost any system, always with a focus on your specific needs as well as your security. Have some questions? Contact us!

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